Pedro Lasch

Games, Non-Habitual Habits, Temporal Re-arrangements
Selected Works Catalogue | 1998 - Present

Black Mirror / Espejo Negro
Series produced November 2007 to April 2009
Installation, c-prints, and artist’s book

Past projects in the series include (not all represented in this selection):

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Photographic Suite #1 (Process Suite), 2008

Photographic Suite #2 (Back View Suite), 2008

Photographic Suite #3 (Painting-Sculpture Confrontation Suite), 2008

Photographic Suite #4 (Spatial Suite), 2008

Photographic Suite #5 (Social Construct Suite), 2008

Black Mirror Book Project, 2008

Casta Paintings, 2008

Black Mirror/Espejo Negro is the common title and concept for three large scale projects in different media: an ephemeral installation at the Nasher Museum of Art, five corresponding archival photographic suites, and a concluding artist’s book project.

The five archival suites of large-scale c-prints produced for this project are based on Lasch’s grand, yet ephemeral installation at the Nasher Museum of Art in Durham, North Carolina (May 22, 2008 through Jan. 18, 2009). Commissioned by the museum to accompany its blockbuster exhibitions El Greco to Velazquez (2008) and Escultura Social: Contemporary Art from Mexico City (2009) the installation incorporates sixteen pre-Columbian figures from the museum’s permanent collection, placing them in front of black reflective panels through which images of Spanish old master paintings are just visible. Museum visitors also see their own faces reflected on the same glass panels. The photographic suites capture different processes and experiences at play in the Nasher installation. They also provide the foundation for the third and last project for Black Mirror/ Espejo Negro, an artist’s book that concludes the series. Co-produced by the Nasher Museum and the Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University, the book includes high quality images, writings by the artist, as well as critical essays by art critics and social theorists.

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